True or False: Quick Serve, Soft Drinks, Confectionary, Energy Drinks and sports apparel are the types of products agencies need in order to showcase their creative muscle?

We say false! Every product or service is an opportunity to flex those muscles. Every brand is challenging and there is always an opportunity to disrupt! Fade to the next paragraph as Van Damme casually stretches into the splits while standing on the cabins of two fast moving trucks with exceptionally reliable steering.

All you need to do is remove yourself from B2B verses B2C labeling and put your focus on H2H (Human to Human). Humanize the brand you are working on, find the emotional benefit and build on it. By removing the preconceptions we all have every time we receive a brief from a “B2B” client and by appreciating the impact we can generate by developing the right message, on the right channel at the right moment in time, the creative juices will start to flow again.

You will find that by delivering successful communications campaigns for temporary energy solution providers (just one example), you are in fact helping light up new cities and giving homes the electricity they need to survive. By helping convince the public sector to use a certain brand of reliable heavy machinery (another example), you are helping a country uplift its infrastructure and deliver on its vision for the future.

Find that motivation. It’s not about those advertising awards sitting in a display cabinet in your office massaging your ego. It’s about the reward that comes from delivering on KPI’s and using your creativity to develop messages that will repeatedly influence consumer / human behaviour.

Coming up with a whacky idea that helps sell a burger is amazingly rewarding, but not more rewarding than stacking three large size trucks on top of each other, convincing the President of the company on to stand on top of them as they speed down the motorway in order to illustrate that he stands by the quality of his product!