They say the future belongs to those that prepare for it today; well at ANOTHER IN KINGDOM we have been preparing for the future for quite some time. The strategy is in place, the objectives are clear, and the market is hungry. Let us begin!

The dinosaurs of our industry will soon be extinct, and the market will belong to agencies established with the sole purpose of understanding the Saudi consumer and utilizing that knowledge to help brands across the Kingdom achieve their true potential. With artificial intelligence and automation now in full swing, only agencies that are able to convince their clients of the importance of the message, the means of projection and the need to protect the brand will survive. The era of creative communication strategies is upon us.

At ANOTHER our preparations for this next chapter have focused on our most important asset; our people. With that in mind, we have recently announced the addition of three veterans of the industry to our team. This new management team will focus their efforts on inspiring and evolving our existing team of talented and passionate Mad Men and Women; driving home the notion that we are not cheerleaders, waiters and waitresses or call centers. We are here to help guide them towards disruption and messaging, that might not win them design awards, but will surely win them market share.

The talent objective of ANOTHER IN KINGDOM is to develop the skills of creative souls who call Saudi Arabia home; guiding them to be the agency’s future leaders. It makes little sense to our long-term objectives to import talent while there is such an impressive pool of young, eager and passionate marketeers and designers graduating from Saudi Arabian universities every year. They will soon be the asset that distinguishes ANOTHER from any other.

Unlike other agencies, head counts will never be a selling point for us. Efficiency, speed, creativity and most importantly results will be our differentiators. Keep this in mind the next time an agency invites you to visit their spectacular offices; you are paying for those decorations, pool tables, PS4s and for all the heads you see popping out from behind partitions! While they may tell you that this is all being done to inspire creativity, the truth is its just a selling point that adds to operating expenses that you have to cover once you’ve signed up for it.

In regard to our client relationships, as stated two paragraphs earlier, we will not be the ones who will simply nod our heads in agreement. Rather than implementing the standard strategy of “the customer is always right,” we will focus on “helping the client see what’s right!” We know, this may step on the toes and egos of many people, but we also know that this is the only way that we can do our part in helping the brands we guardian generate the bottom lines and brand equity they deserve.

We understand the market, the culture, the traditions and the potential. We study consumer habits and find GAPS in the market. We develop creative communications strategies accordingly. It’s time for ANOTHER way of doing things.