Have you noticed the difference? The lack of appreciation to your present life? Feeling unsatisfied of your current standards. That disturbing feeling of always being less than average. Have you wondered why you feel this way?

There might be various reasons behind this behavior, but my humble opinion is that the main reason affecting the human behavior is social media. It has the hugest impact on our decisions, social standards, and beliefs. From millennials to Gen Z even adults, one way or another we are all influenced by the power of the social media’s presence.

Social media has a huge impact on how humans view the perspective of life. How we see the result but not the hard process behind it. I’II be giving two examples to demonstrate my point of view:

The first example: 75% of people on social media follow gym trainers and athletic influencers always hoping to reach their level of physique. Thinking how amazing and easy it seems to be until it comes to taking a step towards the process. Only 5% have the will and guts to take this process till the last step.

The second example: The much more influential financial-social standard. You sit down scrolling on Instagram watching rich people living in huge mansions and driving exotic cars, but we barely think about the time and effort those people have spent to have this life, or on the flip side that this life could be a fake. How easy could it be to rent a mansion or an exotic car to flex a fake lifestyle to gain followers?

The conclusion is that the effect of social media on us and on our behavior has become dangerously powerful. This case has left a lot of people unsatisfied with what they have, ungrateful as they forget that they could be living lives others dream of. My point is; don’t have social media manipulate you to the extent that you become ungrateful, and unaware of the effort and energy you must spend to reach a certain level in life. Yes you can surely aspire for more, but don’t ever forget to be grateful and don’t ever forget that yours is a life that others dream of too.

By Mohammed Al-Attar – Sr. Social Media Manager